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Baileys Fibreglass Gelcoat Repair Kit with Tools (4 sq ft / 250g)


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We have combined our popular 4 sq ft Fibreglass kit, with premium flowcoat, surface tissue, paint roller and an aluminium bubble remover. Suitable for Caravan, Wood, Boat & Automotive GRP repairs. Bailey Fibreglass’s bubble burster paddle roller tools is great for removing air bubbles and speeding up the wetting-out process.

Kit includes:
4 Square Feet Chopped Strand Matting.
250ml Quality Polyester Resin.
10g BPO Red Paste Hardener.
1 Sq Yard Glass Fibre Surface Tissue.
Premium Flowcoat Brilliant White 250g.
MEKP Catalyst.
Premium Roller for Flowcoat.
Aluminium Bubble Removing Tool (handle colour may vary from image).
Full Application Instructions.

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