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Trio Gas Pro Alarm


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Trio gas alarms give the user total peace of mind and absolute protection. Trio gas alarms detect the following (Butane / Propane) Narcotic Gas (i.e.. Ether based gases) and Carbon Monoxide. Once wired according to the manufacturers guidelines it’s just a case of switching the alarm on for total peace of mind.
The gas alarms have an inbuilt sensor making them totally stand alone. This version we recommend for larger caravans or motorhomes as it features 2 sensors. The Trio Gas Alarm also have an ‘open collector gate’ which is a feature that allows an anti-theft device, siren or a manual reset gas valve to stop the gas supply to be installed into the alarm. The main unit has to be wired directly into 12v (no cigarette lighter socket connector on the lead) and each individual sensor is then hard wired direct to the main unit.

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