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Indel B TB41A Portable Fridge 37L


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Medium to large-size refrigerator for intensive use. Its dual voltage (AC/DC) and its BD35F Secop compressor specifically designed for “automotive” products and its high performance make it suitable for many applications, for instance in cars, trucks, RVs and even in extreme off road vehicles. The ECO mode and three levels of voltage protection prevent the battery from discharging completely.
• 37L capacity
• 445 x 350 x 585mm (HxWxD)
• 17kg
• 45 Watt
• 0,222 kWh/24h, Consumption 230V, 0.289 kWh/24h (A+)**, Voltage DC 12-24V + AC 115-230V 50-60Hz, with thermostatic regulation

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Weight 18.5 kg


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