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Smart-In Pure Sine Wave 12V-1500W Inverter + IVT


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SMART-INPURE with IVT function is a line of Inverters with an integrated system of priority (Priority Switch type).

This IVT (integrated priority) function, through the two input and output 230V sockets, allows the management of the voltage that comes out from the inverter connected to the battery and to the external mains.

When the electronic network available is connected to the external grid, it will have the priority in order to preserve the battery; otherwise, when the mains are disconnected, the inverter uses the battery to supply the 230V.

By-pass integrated function
Relay time change from inverter 230 VAC to external mains = 20ms
Relay time change from 230 VAC external mains to inverter = 100 ms.

This model is 12V – 1500W inc IVT.

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