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Trio Gas Alarm Ivory


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Trio gas alarms give the user total peace of mind and absolute protection. Trio gas alarms detect the following Gases: LPG (Butane / Propane) Narcotic Gas (i.e.. Ether based gases) and Carbon Monoxide. Once wired according to the manufacturers guidelines it’s just a case of switching the alarm on for total peace of mind. It has 3 LED lights one test button and audible system; green LED: ON – activated with the switch in the front part of the device, yellow LED: failure or defect of the circuit, red LED: Gas leak alarm, simultaneously activated with the acustic warning, test: It tests the warning system. The gas alarms have an inbuilt sensor making them totally stand alone. This unit is more widely used in smaller caravans or motorhomes.
It has an “open collector” outlet activated together with the red LED light and the audible warning system. The outlet control can be set as “static” or “impulsive” control whit a Jumper placed in the card the current capacity is 500mA which sufficient to connect an external relay and through it connecting any other device

N.B. the control unit is provided with the jumper in static position. Change the position of the jumper only if a manual reset gas valve is installed. Sensor calibration: the calibration of the intervention threshold is carried out in the factory. In case it is necessary to fine-tune it, by turning the trimmer clockwise the sensibility will increase.

Once switched on the microprocessor performs first of all the self-testing of all components in order to verify if they all work correctly, then the yellow and red LED will blink for 1 minute, necessary time for the calibration of the sensor. As soon as the LED stops blinking, the TRIO-GAS is working.

To avoid false alarms fit the TRIO – GAS far from heat sources, a height between 50 and 90 cm from the floor of the vehicle is recommended to detect possible gas leaks of the 3 kinds of gases. If a sensor is fitted at a height of less than 50cm from the floor, protection against the following gases will be provided: LPG and Soporipherous gases. If fitted at an height of more than 90 cm from the floor, protection against the following gases will be provided: Carbon oxyde and SoporIipherous gases.

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