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Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Charger (Waterproof / 12V / 15A)


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The Blue Power IP65 Charger is the new professional battery charger with built-in bluetooth. The Blue Power IP65 Charger can be used on devices in your workshop and on motor vehicles, such as (classic) cars; motorbikes; boats and camper-vans.

With up to 95% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat when compared to the industry standard. And once the battery is fully charged, power consumption reduces to 0,5 Watt, some five to ten times better than the industry standard.

β€’ Water, dust and chemical resistant
β€’ Seven step smart charge algorithm
β€’ Recovery of fully discharged β€˜dead’ batteries
β€’ Automatic power supply function
β€’ Automatic compensation for high or low temperature
β€’ Several other battery life enhancing features
β€’ Low power mode to charge smaller batteries
β€’ Li-ion battery mode

β€’ Connect clamps M8 eyelet connectors
β€’ Optional accessories
β€’ 12V cigarette lighter plug with fuse
β€’ 2 Metre extension cable
β€’ Connect clamps with fuse
β€’ M6 eyelet connector with fuse

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